Outline of the project

  • Name of the project : EXCO solar water heating system construction
  • Project period : July 2010 ~ December 2010
  • Objective : To enhance the status of Daegu as a solar city by developing and propagating the use of renewable energy (in the provinces).
  • Installed capacity : 204렊 (single vacuum tube)

Installation effects

  • Installation effects
    • 1.annual production 153,412,746 kcal/year (420,380 kcal/day)
    • 2.Utilization of produced electric power: EXCO뿉꽌 궗슜븯뒗 삩닔뿉 솢슜 for the hot water used in EXCO
  • Production of heat
    • Photovoltaic power generation stabilizes climate change caused by the limited fossil fuel and global warming. It is renewable energy that can be used for ever.
    • *EXCO solar water heating system (204)렊
      -Annual production of heat : 153,412,746 kcal/year
      -Reduced oil consumption : 21.31 TOE/year
      -CO2 suppression effect : 44,09 tCO2/year
      -Reduced coal consumption : 39,671 kg/year
  • Education and PR effects
    • 1. Contribution to energy demand and supply (replacement and savings)
      • - Reducing electricity costs by producing 153,412,746kcal/year.
    • 2. The state-of-the-art and future-oriented facilities will be used for education and PR of energy saving and alternative energy.
    • 3. As one of the destinations of Daegu City Tour, it will be utilized as a tourism resource that will show the image of a cutting-edge city to Daegu citizens, domestic and foreign visitors.
    • 4. It is easy to attract international academic conferences related to energy and solar city.

Detailed diagram of the first geothermal facilities project

Detailed diagram

  • Effects of installing the 1st EXCO geothermal facilities
    • - Annual power production : 206,612 kWh/year
    • - Reduced oil consumption : 44.38 TOE/year
    • - CO2 suppression effect : 91.9 tCO2/year
    • - Reduced coal consumption : 95,451 kg/year