Outline of the project

  • Project name : EXCO Green Convention Center Daylight Collection System Manufacturing and Installation
  • Project period : April 2010 ~ December 2010
  • Objective
    • - To respond to international trends like the CO2 emissions regulation based on the Climatic Change Convention and Green Round, and the Government셲 low-carbon green growth policy, and enhance the status of Daegu.
    • - To actively carry out Daegu셲 renewable energy promotion policy and the 쏶olar City Daegu project
  • Installed capacity : 204렊 (single vacuum tube)

Power generation

  • Installed location : Roof of the EXCO Expansion Exhibition Hall, 1678, Sangyeok-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu
  • Quantity of solar radiation : 6.04hr/day (5-year average daily quantity of solar radiation in Daegu source: Daegu Weather Station)
  • Energy saving 1,092.92 kWh/day, 398,989 kWh/year

Installation effects

  • Energy saving
    • The annual lighting energy savings will be 398,989 kWh/year (1,092.92 kWh/day), and as the thermal load of the lighting was reduced, the cooling and heating load is also reduced.
  • Environment and health
    • Improving the health of convention users, reducing the fatigue of the eyes, headache, stress and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Industry and economy
    • Contribution to energy demand and supply (replacement and savings), creating a pleasant indoor environment and increasing satisfaction with the working environment
  • Education and PR
    • - It is possible to see installation effects right away, and maximize the education and PR effects in regard to renewable energy.
    • - The state-of-the-art and future-oriented facilities will be used for education and PR of energy saving and alternative energy.
    • - As one of the destinations of Daegu City Tour, it will be utilized as a tourism resource that will show the image of a cutting-edge city to Daegu citizens, domestic and foreign visitors.

Natural lighting (daylight collection) system configuration

  • Light collector : Prism-type light collecting dome (all-in-one)
    • * Clear Prismatic : 92%
  • Optical transmission unit: anodizing optical duct
    • * Optical transmission efficiency 99%
  • light diffuser
    • * PMMA 4.2mm micro-prism (evenly diffusing the quantity of incoming light)


Detailed diagram

  • Effects of installing the EXCO natural lighting (daylight collection) system
    • - Annual power savings: 398,989 kWh/year
    • - Reduced oil consumption: 85.78 TOE/year
    • - suppression effect: 177.47 tCO2/year
    • - Reduced coal consumption: 55.858 kg/year