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EXCO opened in 2001 as Korea셲 first provincial exhibition and convention center.
EXCO is positioned as the enterprise leader in the global MICE (Meeting,
Incentives, Convention and Exhibition) industry by holding more than 1,000
exhibitions and conventions a year, including mega events, such as
the 2013 World Energy Congress, and the 2015 World Water Forum.
Despite the recent global recession, the MICE industry continues to grow in Asia,
in particular, China, which is emerging as a new power in the MICE industry.
To keep up with the industry셲 growth, each local government of Korea is actively
carrying forward the plan of construction and expansion of exhibition and
convention centers.

뿊뒪肄붾 궗옉븯怨 븘猿댁<떆뒗 怨좉컼떂!

The growth of the MICE industry is having a significant ripple effect on the economy, and onto every country in the world, including Korea. In respect to the industry셲 advancement, EXCO is striving to expand on its infrastructure. In December 2016, Daegu Metropolitan City decided to construct the 2nd Exhibition Hall in order to expand the exhibition area of EXCO. In June 2020, when the 2nd Exhibition Hall is completed, EXCO will satisfy the 30,000m2 which is the area of the global top exhibition centers based on the standard by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. This will allow EXCO to have an international exhibition hall fully qualified for holding global exhibition and convention events.

뿊뒪肄붾 궗옉븯怨 븘猿댁<떆뒗 怨좉컼떂!

2017 will be a defining year for EXCO, a year marked for establishing the internationalization of the exhibition and convention business. Done so with the improvement of infrastructure, such as the construction of the 2nd Exhibition Hall, and actively strengthening internal and external competitiveness of our business structure.

뿊뒪肄붾 궗옉븯怨 븘猿댁<떆뒗 怨좉컼떂!

First, we will focus our business structure on the 5 new growth engine industries in the region: water, energy, eco-friendly car, IoT (Internet of Things) and cutting-edge medical care. In conjunction, we will concentrate our ability on supporting those fields, thereby making ourselves function as the support platform for the industrial growth. In addition, through internationalization of the EXCO exhibitions, as well as cooperating with overseas exhibition organizers, we plan to actively carry forward the attraction of international events, broadening on existing exhibitions, and overseas expansion of prospective exhibitions etc.

EXCO will establish a new exhibition and convention culture by promoting a win-win development through close cooperation with related institutions in the region. In order To become an enterprise trusted by our customers, EXCO will fulfill its social responsibilities and roles through corporate social responsibility (CSR), based on the MICE industry.
EXCO will strive to make a new leap to position itself as Korea셲 premier international exhibition and convention center. This will be done through the seamless construction of the 2nd Exhibition Hall, along with successfully hosting the 2021 World Gas Conference. I look forward to your continued interest and support. I wish the Chinese New Year 2017 of the Fire Rooster to become a meaningful and rewarding year to all of you.

Thank you.

Sang Wook, Kim

President & CEO

EXCO (Daegu Exhibition & Convention Center)