EXCO, Korea셲 Top Destination for Exhibitions
Feb 27,2018
EXCO, Korea셲 Top Destination for Exhibitions, Conventions and Meetings18 January 2017 EXCO was first opened as a regional convention center in 2001 and has been faithful to its role and function as a local landmark while devoting itself to its original task of promoting business opportunities for local SMEs and local culture. Over the past years, not only has the number of events and visitors increased dramatically, but also the construction of the second exhibition hall was confirmed in the last year in order to meet the growing demand for exhibitions. This has marked a milestone in its advancement as an exhibition center. By December 2020, EXCO will offer exhibition space of 30,000m2 on the first floor to satisfy the requirements of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy for a global top exhibition center. Therefore, EXCO is anticipated to be able to synergy effects from the enlargement and transform into an international exhibition center.Actively Nurturing Future Growth E..
Major Exhibitions in 2018
Jan 02,2018
Major Events in 2017
Feb 24,2017
EXCO Major Events in 2016
Mar 16,2016
 TITLE PERIOD  ORGANIZER  CONTACT  The 20th Korea International Textile Machinery Exhibition Mar.9-11 Daegu / EXCO +82-53-601-5223 Preview in Daegu 2016 (PID 2016) Mar.9-11 Daegu/Gyeongbuk/Korea Federation of Textile Industries +82-53-980-2024 The 21th Daegu Housing Expo (DAHOS 2016) Mar.24-27 Daegu / Korea Industrial Marketing Institute +82-2-588-2497 International Green Energy Expo Korea 2015 Arp.6-8 Daegu / EXCO +82-53-601-5371 2016 Healing Fair 4.14~4.15 Korea NeuroPsychiatric Association +82-70-8150-2243 Daegu-gyeongbuk Franchise EXPO 4.14~4.16 MESSE Korea Co., Ltd +82-51-740-7706 The 14th Tour Expo Daegu Gyeongbuk 4.14~4.17 Gyeongsangbuk-do/Daegu   2016 Company Difficulty Soultion Fair 4.19~4.20 Daegu / EXCO +82-53-601-5361 The 15th Daegu International Optical Show (DIOPS 2016) Apr.21-23 Daegu / KOISC +82-53-35..
MERS-Cov Prevention Guidelines
Jun 18,2015
     For those who visit EXCO, welcome everyone.  EXCO is putting every effort into prevnet MERS.  Taking preventive measures against MERS such as installing 22 Automatic hand sterilizers, and equipping 25 hand sanitizers.  And also fumigating the convention center building 5 times a week,  EXCO is doing our best to make visitors feel safe, and secure. Thank you very much.       (팋ERS hot line provides Multi languages interpreting service. 삇 109 : Korean 넄 English Services 삇 1345 : Provides other languages by three-way interpreation)
7th World Water Forum EXPO & Fair 2015
Apr 17,2015
      Video Clip  The closing ceremony held from 14:00 at Convention Hall A on the 5th floor. Around 700 attendees including Jung-moo Lee, Chairman of the National Committee for the 7th World Water Forum, Benedito Braga, President of the World Water Council, Young-jin Kwon, Mayor of Daegu Metropolitan city, Kwan-yong Kim, Governor of Gyeongsangbuk-do province, Soontak Lee, Co-chair of the International Steering Committee, the delegation from Brazil, the host of the next World Water Forum, water experts, businesses, and citizens participated.      The closing ceremony included prize awarding ceremonies of the Kyoto World Water Grand Prize, Mexico Water Prize, and Daegu & Gyeongbuk Water Prize. During the Daegu & Gyeongbuk Water Prize ceremony, winners of the Water Showcase and World Water Challenge World Final, which focused on collecting excellent implementation cases from the world and innovative scientific and technological solu..
EXCO Free Wi-Fi Service
Apr 11,2015
EXCO has built an independent Wi-Fi system for the first time among the domestic convention centers. Visitors to EXCO can enjoy free Wi-Fi network anywhere within the convention center unlike other centers offering free Wi-Fi service in connection with the mobile service providers only in limited areas.   The free Wi-Fi network service provided by EXCO can be connected simultaneously to 2,800 lines, which is enough to host an international event attended by about 10,000 people. Meanwhile, participating firms or organizers who want to use more stable Internet  to shoot a video clip can use a wired Internet service by paying a fee.  
[Events] 2015 7th World Water Forum EXPO & Fair
Apr 09,2015
   Tour Registration   Daegu City Tour Information Double-Decker Bus Theme Course   Shuttle Bus Information   Transportation Information  Daegu Symphony Orchestra<Music Above Water>+82-53-250-1475  
EXCO, a Premium Convention Center
Apr 08,2015
- EXCO upgraded its services and operation capabilities to the world셲 top level after a series of successful hostings of international conferences EXCO is gaining attention as a global premier convention center after a series of successful hostings of international conferences. It hosted a number of mega-size events such as World Firefighters Games 2010 Daegu, Daegu 2011 IAAF World Championships and World Energy Congress Daegu 2013. It is also planning to host the 7th World Water Forum 2015 and World Gas Conference Daegu 2021. During the process, EXCO is upgrading its facilities and operating capacity to the world셲 top level. EXCO is highly appraised by officials and staffs relevant to the events including the World Energy Congress. In preparation for the World Water Forum, EXCO has built its own Wi-Fi system for the first time among the domestic convention centers while building a cutting-edge security system and reinforcing the existing convention facilities. - EXCO Established a..
Babes in Daeguland
Oct 13,2014
Babes in Daeguland   2014 Daegu Baby & Kids Fair (Fall) (6th November 2014 - 9th November 2014)Written by Matthew Caracciolo, The Daegu Compass       Are you in any way, shape or form involved with tykes, toddlers, or terrible twos? Is your life filled with onesies, diapers, rattles, tummy time, or toys? Clear the play area, prepare the diaper bags, because there셲 a new expo in town. The Daegu Baby and Kids Fair will be held from Thursday, November 6 to Sunday, November 9th at EXCO. Hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and organized by EXCO, the expo will feature 650 booths from 270 companies specializing in the entertainment, education, and rearing of babies and young children. Organizers are expecting upwards of 60,000 parents, soon-to-be parents, educators, and their children to be in attendance. Already, the number of pre-registrants is much higher than the previous expo.     The exhibition, a sort of grand festival for parents ..