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Mt.Palgongsan Olle

  • Fast and faster! When the world hastens us
    Mt. Palgongsan says 쁲low and slower~take a rest.
    The forest, the refreshing wind, the warm sun and the fresh grassy road greet us.
    Learn what life is all about on the Mt. Palgongsan Olle course where you can experience the truly slow well-being.

    Inquiry : Mt. Palgongsan Green Leisure and Culture Center of the Daegu Green Consumer Network in               Korea +82-53-985-8030

Opened in June 2009. As you approach the access to the Olle, you will find the Modern Korean Poetry Yukpil Park (Road of the Poet), whose signboard is handwritten by the poet, to your right. A little past this park, you will find the Daegu Bangjja Yugi (Korean Bronzeware) Museum to your left. You can see the works of Bongju Lee, important intangible cultural asset #77 in this museum. (Free admittance, closed every Monday) Walking past the Bukjisangsa Temple signpost, a group of tall pine trees will greet you. The pine forest continues for a while. This is the highlight of Mt. Palgongsan Course #1. Bukjisangsa Temple at the end of this road used to be a very big temple, one of whose branch temple was Donghwasa Temple, but it looks rather simple now. The central building, Daewungjeon, is designated as Treasure No. 805. This unique rectangular building is elegant and firm. Right now it is being repaired. I am very much looking forward to seeing the new Bukjisangsa Temple.

Course summary

- 1 hour 30 minutes ~ 2 hours/round-trip course
- Route: Road of the Poet 넂 Doljipmadang 넂 Daegu Bangjja Yugi (Korean Bronzeware) Museum넂 Bukjisangsa Temple
- Men and women of all ages can enjoy a light walk in this course. You can see green pine forests all year round.
- Best season for walking: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter