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Mt. Palgingsan Olle

  • Fast and faster! When the world hastens us
    Mt. Palgongsan says 쁲low and slower~take a rest.
    The forest, the refreshing wind, the warm sun and the fresh grassy road greet us.
    Learn what life is all about on the Mt. Palgongsan Olle course where you can experience the truly slow well-being.

    Inquiry : Mt. Palgongsan Green Leisure and Culture Center of the Daegu Green Consumer Network in               Korea +82-53-985-8030

Opened in August 2009. Past Gongsan Elementary School, which was founded in 1922, and walking along the Yongsoo creek, you will arrive at Yongsu-dong Dangsan. At dawn on the 15th of the first lunar month, they performed rites here to wish for the peace, health and longevity of the village. The original shape is well preserved, and women offering a devout prayer still visit here frequently believing that this place still has supernatural powers. If you walk a little more, you will arrive at the entrance to Sutaegol, the best summer resort of Mt. Palgongsan. This area is designated by Daegu City as the 'street of fallen leaves. If the leaves put on autumnal tints, they do not clean the fallen leaves. If you pass here and walk up toward Pahyesa Temple, you will find yourself at Buinsa Temple. It has Sungmojeon paying tribute to Queen Seondeok, and the First Edition of Tripitaka Koreana, a whopping 200 years older than the Tripitaka Koreana, were enshrined here. On the 15th day of every March on the lunar calendar, villagers and Buddhist monks gathered together to pay tribute to Queen Seondeok.

Course summary

- 3~4 hours/one-way
- Route: Gongsan Elementary School 넂Migok Village Olle 넂Yongsu-dong Dangsan 넂Sutaeji 넂 the street of fallen leaves (Palgongsan beltway) 넂 Buinsa
* If you take a bus, you will move to the Donghwasa Temple Collective Facilities Area.
- This road reminds us of a lovely rural village. This uphill road continues from Migok-dong to the entrance to Sutaegol.
- Best season for walking: Spring and Fall