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Mt. Palgingsan Olle

  • Fast and faster! When the world hastens us
    Mt. Palgongsan says 쁲low and slower~take a rest.
    The forest, the refreshing wind, the warm sun and the fresh grassy road greet us.
    Learn what life is all about on the Mt. Palgongsan Olle course where you can experience the truly slow well-being.

    Inquiry : Mt. Palgongsan Green Leisure and Culture Center of the Daegu Green Consumer Network in               Korea +82-53-985-8030

Opened in September 2009. Many Woo셲 of Danyang live in Pyeonggwang-dong. It maintains the tradition of Daegu apples. Pyeonggwang-dong is also called 'Siranggi' Village. It stems from an anecdote involving Wanggeon. Wanggeon was on the defensive during the Gongsan Battle fought in Jimyo-dong in 927 A.D. He passed Bulno-dong and Do-dong before reaching Pyeonggwang-dong. At the entrance to the village, Wanggeon meets a lumberjack, and receives a rice ball, and gets energized and escapes. Realizing belatedly that it was Wanggeon, the lumberjack looked everywhere for him to no avail, and he lost track of the king. That is why it used to be called Silwangni (鸚긺럨뇤, a village where the king was lost), and as time passed, Hence, it was called Siryangyi or Sirangyi. The road from the entrance to Pyeonggwang-dong to Moyeongjae, the shrine dedicated to General Soong-Gyeom Shin is thought to be the road Wanggeon took to flee, and it is nicknamed 'Wanggeonimdo.' There are many trees with stories in Pyeonggwang-dong. At the entrance to Pyeonggwang-dong stands the Soon-Hang Kang juniper tree, named after a devoted son Soon-Hang Kang. Walking into Cheombaekdang, the grass roots planted a juniper tree in 1945 to celebrate the independence of Korea. This pine tree of independence stands in an imposing manner. You will see the oldest Jonathan apple tree at the Jaebawoo Farm. For Olle walkers, the apples on this tree are picked later than other apple trees. If you are curious to know more about these trees, you are advised to pay a visit.

Course summary

-2~3 hours/one-way course
-Route: Entrance to Pyeonggwang-dong (Soon-Hang Kang juniper tree)넂 Pyeonggwang Elementary School 넂 Pyeonggwangji 넂 Moyeongjae (the monument to General Soong-Gyeom Shin) return trip 넂 Jaebawoo Farm 넂 Cheombaekdang 넂 Last stop in Pyeonggwang
-Best season for walking: Spring and Fall