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Mt. Palgingsan Olle

  • Fast and faster! When the world hastens us
    Mt. Palgongsan says 쁲low and slower~take a rest.
    The forest, the refreshing wind, the warm sun and the fresh grassy road greet us.
    Learn what life is all about on the Mt. Palgongsan Olle course where you can experience the truly slow well-being.

    Inquiry : Mt. Palgongsan Green Leisure and Culture Center of the Daegu Green Consumer Network in               Korea +82-53-985-8030

Opened in April 2010. Among the tombs in Bulno-dong, which were created in the age of Three Kingdoms, 211 tombs are restored. Every Spring flowers will be in full bloom against the background of green tombs, and presents us with wonderful scenery. If you circle around the tombs, and pass the underpass, and you will arrive at the Bongmu Park. Various athletic facilities, the outdoor concert hall, the campground, the Butterfly ecology center and the butterfly ecology learning center. At Dansanji Pond inside the Bongmu Park, a trail around the pond (3.9km) is created. It is strongly recommended to Olle walkers who want to walk on clay. Passing the Manbo promenade, and along the village road, you will reach the new Kangdong Community Center. In front of it are two nurse trees that have lived in one place for a long time. There is a low wooden bench under this tree. You can take a rest here. If you leave the village for the main road, you will reach the Pagunjae three-way intersection. Wanggeon셲 army was defeated by Gyeonhwon셲 army. Hence the name 쁏agun(졃邕)Jae.' If you walk from the three-way intersection toward Pagyesa Temple, you will find a two-lane road to your right. Walking along this road, you will arrive at the historic site of General Soong-Gyeom Shin, the starting point of Mt. Palgongsan Course 2.

Course summary

- 2 hours 30 minutes/loop course
- Route: Bulo-dong Tomb Site public parking lot넂 Circling around the Tomb Site 넂Gyeongbu Expressway Underpass 넂Youngshin Elementary, Middle and High School 넂 Bongmu Park 넂 Dansanji Pond 넂 Manbo Promenade 넂 Bongmu-dong village road 넂 Gangdong Saemaeul Hall
- Men and women of all ages can take an easy walk here.
-Best season for walking: Spring and Fall