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Mt. Palgingsan Olle

  • Fast and faster! When the world hastens us
    Mt. Palgongsan says 쁲low and slower~take a rest.
    The forest, the refreshing wind, the warm sun and the fresh grassy road greet us.
    Learn what life is all about on the Mt. Palgongsan Olle course where you can experience the truly slow well-being.

    Inquiry : Mt. Palgongsan Green Leisure and Culture Center of the Daegu Green Consumer Network in               Korea +82-53-985-8030

Opened in August 2010. You will walk along the tree-lined street of the Mt. Palgongsan beltway from the starting point to the Sutaeji Pond. If you walk along the trail to the left of the Sutaeji Pond, you will see a cool tree shade and valley reminding you of a jungle. As this section is somewhat uphill, care must be exercised. If you walk along the narrow path and cross the stream on the stepping-stones as if you were exploring a jungle, you will find a broad and flat rock on which you can take a rest. Where the Sutaegol trail meets the Buinsa trail, a tree struck by lightening stands impressively. Legend has it that this tree was struck by a lightening. Half of its trunk caved in, but the branches on one side have green leaves to our surprise. Walking down along the Buinsa trail, you will find Buinsa Temple, an ancient temple of the Shilla Dynasty, to your right. More than 2,000 Buddhist monks were practicing asceticism in Buinsa Temple. It is said that the only Buddhist examination in Korea was administered here. The First Edition of Tripitaka Koreana, 200 years older than the Tripitaka Koreana, were enshrined here. If you visit the 섽ouse of Cultural Tour Guides at the entrance to Buinsa Temple, you will be able to listen to interesting stories. You will take a look around the precincts of Buinsa Temple, and walk along the tree-lined street of Mt. Palgongsan beltway to the starting point, the Donghwasa Temple bus stop. This course is open only in summer (June~September). As it is closed during the mountain fire prevention period (October~May of the following year), you are not allowed to enter the course.

Course summary

- 3 hours/loop course/temporarily open in summer
- Route: Donghwasa Temple bus stop넂 Sutaeji Pond byway 넂 a broad and flat rock at Sutaegol 넂 Buinsa Temple 넂Buinsa Temple 넂 Tree-lined street on Mt. Palgongsan beltway 넂Donghwasa Temple bus stop
- You will walk along the refreshing valley. It is the best course in summer.
- Best season for walking: Spring, Summer and Fall
*Temporarily open in summer (As it is open from June till September/closed from October till May of the following year, you will be solely responsible if you get involved in an accident or get caught.)
*Minors under the age of 10 must accompanied by parents.