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Green Convention Center, EXCO
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EXCO, the leader of all Green Convention Centers


EXCO is the Korea’s 1st Green Convention Center that embodies Korea’s emphasis on green growth and eco-friendly buildings. It’s design features an impressive roster of renewable-energy facilities, such as a 502 kW photovoltaic system - the largest in a single building; 122 solar daylighting panels; a 77 RT-capacity geothermal heating and cooling system; and a 204 solar water heating system.  Together, they make EXCO an examplar for environment-friendly convention centers worldwide, and a beacon of renewable energy usage that is also raising the global profile of Solar City Daegu.


Korea’s Largest & Asia’s Leading Trade Fair ,

2014  11th IGEEC(International Green Energy Expo & Conference)


IGEEC, the sole trade fair co-organized by Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association and Korea Wind Energy Industry Association, is the oldest and largest international trade fair in Korea, which was certified as a professional and superior exhibition by UFI, Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy.

IGEEC which started in 2004 for the first time in Korea and became one of the top 10 exhibitions by PHOTON-International, the photovoltaic magazine, celebrated its 10th anniversary in April this year. The 10th Int’l Green Energy Expo was held with over 20,000sqm, 321 companies from 24 countries, 40,000 trade visitors in EXCO. Daegu where EXCO located is the 1st named Solar City in Korea. IGEEC has grown by 40% each year since 2004. It is one of the most successful internationalized trade fairs in Asia that has more than 40% of overseas exhibitors annually. Green Energy Expo joind the GSA(Global Solar Alliance) this year.


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