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ICOPA: 14th International Congress of Parasitology
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ICOPA: 14th International Congress of Parasitology, 2018 _ August 19th - 24th, 2018

July 24th, 2018


The 14th International Congress of Parasitology (ICOPA 2018) will be held at EXCO, Daegu from August 19th to 24th in 2018. Under the main theme: ' Parasites: Harms and Benefits to Animals and Humans', the ICOPA 2018 is expected to attract more than 2,000 participants from all around the world in the field of parasites' studies. This congress is hosted by the ICOPA 2018 Korean Organizing Committee and co-organized by the Korean Society for Parasitology and Tropical Medicine (KSPTM) and the World Federation of Parasitologists (WFP).


ICOPA, the International Congress of Parasitology, is one the important summits for parasitology and takes place every four years. Last year's congress was held in Mexico. Daegu has been named as the venue of fourteenth congress which competed with Bangkok, Thailand in 2014.


ICOPA 2018 organizing committee has prepared a welcome reception for participants, which will be held at the Grand Ballroom, EXCO, on the evening of August 19th, 2018. In addition to the reception, there will be more social events such as a gala dinner and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites' tour.


To find out more about the official program and session information, please refer to the official website at

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Contact: Ms. Eun Pa, Kim, Manager of Public Relations

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