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EXCO's Corporate Social Responsibility
작성자 exco 등록일 2018-09-06 조회수 1624 

EXCO’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) is becoming an essential element not only for big companies but also for small and medium sized companies and even for the companies in the convention industry. EXCO has actively started its CSR initiatives since 2012. EXCO’s CSR policy has changed so that it is now focusing on the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) in respect to Corporate Social Value(CSV).

In the past, our mission was to promote the regional growth of the Daegu city and Gyeongbuk province and to contribute to the development of the exhibition and convention industry. However, EXCO is now trying to fulfill its mission by implementing various CSV initiatives. The key sectors of EXCO’s CSV includes: education, art, and the exhibition & convention industry.

EXCO signed a MOU with Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education to achieve the common goal of providing qualified educational support for students in Daegu City. While activating the partnership between the two organizations, EXCO has started supporting regional schools by donating books related to humanities and social science and has presented a scholarship for 20 high school students studying in Daegu.

Moreover, EXCO is conducting the ‘MICE education for youth’ program which has two different programs: one is visiting schools and providing a lecture about MICE industry and the other is inviting students to EXCO for a MICE educational program and a site tour. About 420 students from five high schools took part in the program and 280 students from five middle schools visited EXCO as an outside the box class in 2017. They had an opportunity to gain experience as an event organizer and look around the exhibition and convention facilities.

Creating jobs for retirees and career women is a newly introduced CSV program both for the applicants who seek employment and for EXCO which needs a professional workforce. EXCO is providing job placement for those who are skilled and qualified with business experience. Now, 10 experts are actively working with us.

EXCO recently designed a unique program for supporting local start-ups. This program was introduced in April 2018 and named as an ‘EXCO Start-up Square Project’. The three categories of the program are: 1) providing an open work space, 2) offering conference and presentation rooms, 3) supporting an exhibition participation and business consultation meeting place. Around 20 companies are registered for the program and they cover five business fields including ICT, the service industry, design, F&B, and the manufacturing industry.

Finally, EXCO has started to support local musicians and artists in Daegu who need a performance space. EXCO has a various range of performance spaces that local institutes and groups can use for free when they need a place for hosting an event for the public’s interests. Last December, one local student orchestra had a performance at the Auditorium (5F, EXCO) where around 1,300 people gathered together.

Sang-Wook, Kim, CEO & President of EXCO, mentioned, “I expect that the educational programs EXCO provides can enhance the understanding of convention and exhibition industry among students. And I would like to give them more opportunities to explore diverse future career experiences. Moreover, as small act of kindness goes a long way, I believe that EXCO’s social engagement is finally reaching to the local people and companies. Our performance is also crucial for boosting local economy as well.”

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