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EXCO's venue expansion goes smoothly
작성자 exco 등록일 2018-12-03 조회수 1767 

EXCO's venue expansion goes smoothly

Daegu City and EXCO announced plans for new exhibition hall space expansions in 2016. The new exhibition spaces which are set to debut in June 2021, will be built next to the existing halls which are currently located in the enterprises complex. The expansion will add an extra 15,000sqm of exhibition space. In toal, EXCO will have over 30,000sqm of exhibition space on the groudn floor. Included in our plan is infrastructure that will connect visitor and locals with new exhibition hall and subsidiary facilties, parking spaces, and various exhibition support facilities.

The new exhibition halls will be divided into two to three halls aimed at a variety of uses from international shows to public events, highlighted by corridor areas and easy linkage with the existing building. Unique to this develolopment, is the potential for development of extra conference rooms and connection to the city mono-rail station.

The construction of the expansion is driven by the Daegu Metropolitan City government with 240 billion won of planning and construction costs granted. Aimed at economic growth, Daegu is expecting to develop and grow Daegu's existing business community and the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Convention, Events & Exhibition) industry capabilities to the highest possible standard, bring it completely to life.

Since 2001, EXCO has proven its ability to host world class events including the 2013 World Energy Congress and the 7th World Water Forum in 2015. The following international events, which will be held at EXCO, are expected to be a barometer for the new hosts and partners we will be inviting to EXCO in the near future.

Confirmed International Events to be held at EXCO in the future:

o 10th IBRO World Congress of Newroscience in 2019

o 12th IOHA International Scientific Conference in 2020

o 17th World Water Congress in 2020

o 28th World Gas Conference in 2021

o 12th World Biomaterials Congress in 2024

"We wanted to boost the local economy and hire more people by constucting the new exhibition halls that meet the international level of hosting more mega events. Having more spaces will help us realize our ambitions to grow the MICE industry and more importantly, meet the demand from our existing and new customers. This is a great example of how local convention & exhibition centers can survive in the highly competitive market. We also look forward to seeing new sites increase ourstaff numbers and more actively collaborating with local communities," said EXCO's CEO & President, Sang-wook, Kim, in a newspaper interview.

Exciting times are ahead - our expansion will enable EXCO to attract and host a broad range of new events and provide more spaces for our local community to gather, learn, connect, and engage.

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