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EXCO, the Landmark of Daegu
작성자 EXCO 등록일 2020-01-10 조회수 820 
EXCO, the Landmark of Daegu

EXCO is the leader of Daegu’s MICE industry. It was established in April 2001 to provide support for the exports of regional small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and to boost the local economy. By hosting global events like the 22nd World Energy Congress in 2013, and the 7th World Water Forum in 2015, EXCO has grown to become the region’s leading exhibition and international convention center.

EXCO hosts nearly 1,400 annual events through forward planning and promotion, drawing 2.32 million visitors each year. 

The upcoming opening of the 2nd exhibition center in February 2021 is expected to increase its national and global competitiveness in holding international events even further. Once the 2nd exhibition center is completed, EXCO will have access to 30,000 m2 of floor space, which will allow EXCO to host international events on a large scale. 

A Step Toward Recognition as a Global Exhibition and Convention Center
EXCO, which is supervising 22 annual planned exhibitions, has served as leverage for local economic growth, including the increasing export and growing industries, by holding the industry exhibitions specialized for the economy of the Daegu and Gyeongbuk region and attracting international buyers. 

EXCO has also integrated Daegu’s new growth engine industry policies into its exhibitions, hosting the International Green Energy Expo & Conference, the Daegu International Future Auto EXPO, the MEDI EXPO KOREA, the ICT Convergence Expo Korea, the Korea International Water Week, the Daegu Robot Expo, and other such events ─ thereby contributing to regional industry development through matching the participating buyers with local industries.

EXCO’s internally hosted events have been prepared for international outreach as well. In June 2019, EXCO successfully organized K-Fire & Safety Expo Bangkok 2019 at the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Centre in Bangkok, Thailand, which was the first fire safety event in Korea to have been internationalized.

A representative of EXCO evaluated the successes of K-Fire & Safety Expo Bangkok 2019, by saying “We were able to take a successful first step by focusing extensively on preparations centered on business consultations.” He added that, in 2020, they would cooperate with the National Fire Agency and the Korea Fire Institute with a plan to hold further export-focused exhibitions to promote the technological excellence of Korean fire safety systems to the ASEAN market.

Through strategic cooperation with global event venues, EXCO has worked to promote the participation of international businesses as well. EXCO is currently implementing a number of partnership projects to a robust basis for global outreach and is planning to gain a foothold in the Chinese and the Southeast Asian markets through co-hosting.

Improving Organizational Strength with the New Leadership
President and CEO Seo Jang Un, who became the new head of EXCO last October, revealed the 2020 Core Strategy for the successful hosting of the World Gas Conference 2021, the largest international conference on energy, marking a new chapter in EXCO’s history. 

First of all, the plan’s initial focus is to concentrate on the internal capabilities of EXCO to a stable basis for renewal. President Seo clarified that he would emphasize the harmony and stability of the organization, which will allow the staff members to come together as one and a spirit of cooperation.

Second, EXCO will focus on sharing and expanding its experience in hosting large international events to strengthen its organizational competence. World Gas Conference 2021 is a massive event featuring nearly 2,000 participants from 90 countries around the world, including representatives of leading international companies like Shell and ExxonMobil, where the recent research results, the latest technologies, and information are exchanged. Thus, EXCO must use its accumulated expertise and know-how of each of its staff members to prepare a robust basis for the event.

Third, EXCO will new profit structures in line with the changing environment, such as the construction of the 2nd exhibition center. With a thorough analysis of the workload, EXCO seeks to enhance the efficiency and expertise of its staff members, while unifying its customer data management, allowing EXCO to provide better service for the users. EXCO will also develop derivative services related to exhibitions and conventions, and use these businesses to offer new, customer-centered services.

President Seo laid out his goals for EXCO, explaining, “We will successfully complete the strategies outlined in the 2020 Core Strategy to revitalize the economy of the region and greater assistance for the small and medium-sized enterprises of the area.”