About EXCO

About EXCO
Vision 2030

Vision 2030

The mission of EXCO is to promote the regional growth of the Daegu Gyeongbuk region and to contribute to
the development of the exhibition and convention industry. In order to fulfill this mission,
we announced our ‘Vision 2030’ in August 2017, an initiative that makes our center more global, innovative and sustainable.

Global MICE platform leading trends
and future values
Promote regional growth and
the development of the MICE industry
Core Values
Creative Innovation
Sustainable Devlopment,
Key strategies
EXCO’s Vision 2030 focuses on 7 strategic directions
Strategy 1
To enlarge our brand exhibitions
Strategy 2
To host overseas exhibitions
Strategy 3
To host large-scale exhibitions and
Strategy 4
To diversify through new businesses
development & profit system
Strategy 5
To collaborate closely with
our regional community
Strategy 6
To implement a project for
creating job opportunities
Strategy 7
To strengthen corporate social responsibility policies for regional communities