About EXCO

About EXCO
Responsibility & Commitment

Responsibility & Commitment

Along with our mission, which is to further the development of the local economy and the MICE industry in our region, EXCO has focused on five corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives for our people and community based on the creation of ‘shared value.’
Scholarships & educational support
The Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education and EXCO are collaborating for the common goal of providing qualified educational support for students. EXCO started lending support to regional students who need help in their studies. Such partnerships with educational bodies are extended to other related organizations in the Daegu region for activating more educational programs, such as donating books for the humanities and social sciences.
Creating jobs for retirees and career break women
EXCO is providing opportunities by offering job placement for both retired employees and career break women who are skilled and qualified with business experience. Anyone who is interested in applying for these positions, please contact the Public Relations team at kimstar@exco.co.kr.
Free performance spaces
EXCO has a great range of performance spaces that local institutes and groups can use for free if they need a place for hosting the public’s interests. Our program is part of EXCO’s corporate social responsibility policy, which aims to support local musicians and artists in Daegu. If you are interested in our venues and spaces, please let us know and contact the Convention Marketing team at ahnhj@exco.co.kr.
MICE education for youth
EXCO is certified as a voluntary education program institute. There are two major programs: visiting the schools, and inviting students to EXCO for a MICE educational program. To register for a MICE educational program and to learn the list of schools that have participated, contact the Public Relations team at jwpark@exco.co.kr.
Corporate social responsibility initiatives related to the exhibitions managed by EXCO
Our creative CSR initiatives related to the exhibitions managed by EXCO contain various programs such as a charity event for unmarried mothers, fire & safety education, a campaign for companion animals, and others.
Supporting local start-ups
EXCO has started a special program for supporting local start-ups since April, 2018. The program is called an ‘EXCO Start-up Square’ project. The three categories of program are: 1) providing an open work space, 2) offering conference and presentation rooms, 3) supporting an exhibition participation and business consultation meeting. Around 20 companies are registered for the program and they cover five business fields including ICT, service, design, F&B, and manufacturing.