About EXCO

About EXCO
Green Convention Center

Green Convention Center

EXCO is one of the leading exhibition and convention centers,
featuring various green technologies and sustainable practices.
Green Convention Facilities
EXCO is a green convention center featuring an impressive roster of renewable energy facilities, such as a 502kW photovoltaic system- the largest in a single building; 122 solar daylighting panels; a 77RT -capacity geothermal heating and cooling system; and a 204sqm solar water heating system. Together, they make EXCO an exemplar for environmentally friendly convention centers worldwide.

Green Convention Initiatives
From the design of our facility and the use of the latest green technologies to the adoption of green operating practices, EXCO is committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible.
· We recycle various materials including paper, bottle, plastic, cans, and more.
· We encourage exhibition organizers to use green materials and not to use carpets on the floor.
· We try to adopt green ideas and support green conventions, such as the 7th World Water Forum and Green Energy Expo and Conference.
Green EXCO Tour
We operate a ‘Green EXCO Tour’ during the Green Energy Expo and Conference, held annually at EXCO. Visitors can register for our green tour at the reception desk (1F) of the main building.

Main Courses
· A Photovoltaic System on the roof of the main building
· A Photovoltaic Daylight System on the 5th floor of the new building.
· Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) and a Solar Energy Water Heating System of the new building

The Green EXCO Tour is mainly operated during the Green Energy Expo, the largest renewable energy show in Korea.