About EXCO

About EXCO
Expansion Plan

Expansion Plan

EXCO’s expansion project has commenced. We are adding new exhibition halls so that we can offer more exhibition spaces to allow our existing customers to grow their events, as well as attract new and exciting exhibitions and conventions to Daegu. This new space will directly connect with our existing exhibition halls (Hall 1~3), growing EXCO’s total size to more than 30,000sqm. We invite you to join us on this journey and embrace the opportunities it provides for events in Daegu.

This project is not only about EXCO’s expansion. It is a collaboration with the Daegu Metropolitan City government and our partners to develop and grow Daegu’s business and the MICE industry capabilities to the highest possible standard, bringing it to life. Included in our plan is infrastructure that will connect visitors and local traders with new exhibition halls and multi-deck car parking facilities, as well as various exhibition support facilities.

Daegu Metropolitan City provided funds for the expansion of EXCO. EXCO’s expansion is expected to boost the local economy, bringing many more trade visitors to Daegu each year. Exciting times are ahead – our expansion will enable EXCO to attract and host a range of new events and provide more spaces for our local community to gather, learn, connect, and engage.

EXCO Expansion Fast Facts

EXCO Expansion is set
to be completed
by the end of 2020.


The expansion will add
an extra 15,000sqm
of exhibition spaces.


Upon completion,
EXCO will have over 30,000sqm
of exhibition space
on the first floor.