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EXCO, the Hub of the Local MICE Industry,
now Embracing the World.

Greetings to all.
Thank you for visiting EXCO.

EXCO is the first local exhibition and convention center incorporated in 1995 and opened its venue in 2001. Over the years, it has expanded MICE capacities and operational capabilities through the expansion of the first exhibition hall in 2011 and the second exhibition hall in 2021.
Furthermore, EXCO is globally recognized, hosting over 120 exhibitions and 1,800 conventions and events annually, attracting 2.5 million people.

Having played a pivotal role in strengthening MICE capabilities and boosting the local economy, EXCO's success is evident in hosting major international events such as the World Energy Congress 2013, the World Water Forum 2015, and the World Gas Congress 2022.
We must now carefully pursue a strategic leap onto the global stage, looking ahead to the era of the New Daegu-Gyeongbuk Airport in 2030.

Enhancing Local Economy and MICE Capabilities

EXCO spearheads industry trends by hosting exhibitions across diverse fields, including the International Green Energy Expo, International Fire & Safety Expo Korea, and Daegu International Future Auto & Mobility Expo. It will further strengthen its exhibition planning capabilities and revitalize the MICE industry to boost Daegu's five new future industries and contribute to the city's administrative goals.

Embracing the World

In the face of escalating global competition in global exhibitions and conventions, we will enhance its brand originality and transform into an EXCO that embraces the world by promoting internationalization and enlargement. EXCO will maximize its capacity to attract large-scale conventions through strengthened collaboration with the central government, local authorities, and domestic and international organizations.
Simultaneously, EXCO will leverage its multi-platform function to discover cultural, artistic, and educational content and new consumer product content to secure sustainable growth engines.

Leading Sustainable MICE through ESG and Customer-friendly Management

In the advancing landscape of global ESG management activities, EXCO will expand eco-friendly and derivative exhibitions to champion low-carbon management by intensifying its commitment to environmentally friendly MICE elements.
Furthermore, EXCO is dedicated to fostering a symbiotic relationship with its customers through customer-centered management based on two-way communication.

2023. 12. 1.
President & CEO
Pyo, Chul-soo Pyo, Chul-soo