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Site & Halls Overview Exhibition Halls Conference Rooms Convention Hall Grand Ballroom Auditorium

Site and Halls Overview

smile A state-of-the-art exhibition venue and specialized services for high-quality exhibitions and conferences. Click on the facility you are interested in.

West Wing

Auditorium Conference Rooms 503-506 Convention Hall Grand Ballroom Conference Rooms 3F Conference Rooms 314, 315 Conference Rooms 211 2F Exhibition 3Hall

East Wing


West Wing

East Wing

The optimal platform for a successful business.

Experienced in hosting international events Convenient transportation and
accessibility A Green Convention Center utilizing renewable energy 30,000 m2 floor area to meet global standards

Experienced in hosting international events

Convenient transportation and accessibility

Green Convention Center utilizing Renewable Energy

30,000㎡ in size to meet global standards

West Wing

EXCO’s West Wing has a floor area of 22,159 m2, with five halls that can be divided into a maximum of seven exhibition halls. With a grand ballroom for high-class events, a 4,000-seat convention hall, a 1,500-seat auditorium, and a total of 23 conference rooms, EXCO can host multiple mid to large exhibitions and conventions at the same time. We offer world-class service, including a state-of-the-art security system and an independent Wi-Fi zone.

East Wing

Opened in 2021, EXCO’s East Wing has three halls with a total square footage of 15,012 m2 and is equipped with high-tech interview rooms and an electric vehicle charging station. The West Wing is accessible from the first floor, which can hold various large-scale, international events and conferences.