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EXCO consists of the West Wing and East Wing. Be sure to check the parking location closest to your event hall for your convenience.

Daegu International Airport → EXCO
  • Approximately 10 minutes | 3.41km
  • Approximately 4,900KRW
  • 719·동구2(Daegu International Airport) Transfer → 503(Myeong Munsega) → EXCO
Dongdaegu Station & Dongdaegu Transportation Hub → EXCO
  • 12 minutes | 4.45km
  • Approximately 6,100KRW
  • 413(Dongdaegu Station(Dongdaegu Complex Transit Center)) → EXCO 11 & 12 stations | 5.85km
  • 937(Dongdaegu Station(Dongdaegu Complex Transit Center)) → EXCO 15 & 16 stations | 7.24km
  • 순환2-1(Dongdaegu Station(Dongdaegu Complex Transit Center)) → Geomdan 119 Center(EXCO) 17 & 18 stations | 7.72km
How to Purchase Bus / Subway Card
Convenience stores (CU / GS / 7-eleven) sell ‘T-money’ cards. You may provide your date of birth information and charge T-money for use. Cards range in cost from 2,500KRW to 5,000KRW and the charging fee is not included.
All Daegu City Buses utilize CNG(Compressed Natural Gas) to minimize pollution.
  • Bus fare 1,400KRW in cash / 1,250KRW using T-money
  • Rapid Express 1,800KRW in cash / 1,650 using T-money
Daegu City Bus Route and Services Information System
  • Provides information of the current bus location and the destination by each bus stop via mobile (Daegu Bus) and internet
  • All bus stops have a kiosk informing passengers of estimated time of arrival.
  • Provides estimated time of arrival to the major route points on the LED display board mounted on each bus.
  • Information on major stops is provided in English.
Korean taxis charge fare based on time and distance travelled (combined). All taxis in Korea accept cards.
  • Starting fare 3,300KRW
  • Overnight starting fare (24:00~04:00) : 3,960KRW
Daegu Metro uses the RF token as a ticket. Place the token on the reader for boarding and insert the token into the hole for exit. Daegu Metro has 3 lines and all lines provide English information services. Daegu Metro line #3 boasts the longest monorail span in the world and is also the longest unmanned-operated monorail in the world. Daegu Metro line #3 is one of the two landmarks of Daegu along with Daegu Tower
  • Starting fare 1,400KRW in cash / 1,250KRW using T-money

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