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How to get to Daegu How to get to EXCO

How to Get to Daegu

EXCO is located in Daegu, the transportation hub of Korea, and is easily accessible from other areas across the nation. EXCO is only 20 min away from the Daegu International Airport, Dongdaegu Station, and Bukdaegu Interchange.

Daegu offers various domestic and international transportation options.
The city is less than an hour’s flight from Incheon International Airport
and also connected to Korea’s excellent transportation network
of domestic airlines, highways, and railways.
Entering Korea via Daegu International Airport
  • Daegu-Bound International Flight Schedule
  • Daegu-Bound Domestic Flight Schedule
Entering Korea via Incheon International Airport
  • Incheon-Bound International Flight Schedule
  • Transfer to Daegu by Domestic Flight (1 hr)
     (International Flight Passengers Only)
    • How to Transfer
    • Book a Flight
    • Two Daily Incheon to Daegu Flights (7:35 a.m. and 7:25 p.m.)
  • Travel to Daegu from Incheon by Limousine Bus (4 hr)
  • Travel to Daegu from Incheon by Korea Train Express (KTX) Railways (2.5 hr)
    (Take route bound for Busan and disembark at Dongdaegu Station)
Entering Korea via Gimhae International Airport
  • Gimhae-Bound International Flight Schedule
  • Travel to Daegu by Intercity Bus (1 hr)
Entering Korea via Jeju International Airport
  • Jeju-Bound International Flight Schedule
  • Travel to Daegu by Domestic Flight (1 hr)

All information above is subject to change.

Tips for Easier Business Travel
  • DAEGU·GYEONGBUK Business Travel Guide

The above information is subject to change. Go to KORAIL Pass Reservation.