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Convention, Exhibition, Event Etc.

2 organizer's office, 2 divisions available, 6 simultaneous interpretation rooms (6 languages), Stair seats(2,016), mobile stage(Under Inspection)

2 trailer elevators(27ton, W3mxH3.8m, D11m, 1F <->5F)
2 5-ton cargo elevator (W: 2.4mxH: 2.7mx 4.8m, B2 <->5F)

Exhibition +82-53-601-5031 (JaeHyung "Gary" Ahn Section Head)
short-term event(paid performances) +82-53-601-5033 (Kim, Kwang Hee Deputy Senior Manager)
Excellent exhibitions, corporate events, long-term events +82-53-601-5032 (Yun, Sung Hee Manager)

Classification Scale(m) Area(㎡) Ceiling Height(m) Capacity
Stairs Theater Class room Banquet
A+B 65.3x59.3 3,872.29 7.7 3,500 2,500 1,700 1,200
A 32.65x59.3 1,936.15 7.7 1,200 800 600
Classification Convention Hall
Floor Load 1.5t/㎡
Floor Box 38ea for every 9m
Electricity 3Ø 4W 380V 100A, 3Ø 3W 220V 60A
Telephone & Wired Internet 10 telephone lines, 10 LAN lines
Compressed Air Capacity: : 10.2㎥/min(max), caliber : 20mm 2EA, pressure : 7kg/c㎡(max)
Water Cold water 20Ø, pressure 1.0kg/c㎡(max)
Hot water 15Ø, pressure 1.0kg/c㎡(max)
Drainage Caliber : 50mm, 32mm
Gas(LPG) Caliber : 20mm
High Capacity Electricity 3Ø 4W 380V 400A, 3Ø 4W 380V 225A
Organizer’s Office 2(5F)
Capacity 3,500seats(Stairs 2,016seats)
Light battens 10 Lighting battens, 5 SET battens, Etc(a stage curtain, etc.)
3 chain hoist(1t)2
Other facilities 27-ton trailer lift
(W:3mxH:3.8mxD:11m)(operating floor : 1F.3F,5F)2대
Floor closing : Carpet tiles, sound absorption facilities, simultaneous interpretation of six countries
Lease Process
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  • Submit Application Form for Technical Support
  • Final Account Settlement After Closing the Event

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Management & Administration Division

Management & Planning Department

Planning & Audit Team
Seoyoung Park Assistant Manager
External Cooperation
TeamLee, Jae BeomStaff
Personnel & General Affairs Team
Ha, Youn Kyung Assistant Manager
Lease Detail
Lease Rate

Convention Hall

(Unit:KRW / VAT excluded)

Hall Name Area Ceiling height(m) Capacity Period/Price (KRW)
Convention Hall A 32.65*59.3 8.1 Theater 1,400 (A)9~12 3.000.000
(B)13~18 4.500.000
(C)19~22 3.000.000
Class room 900 (D)9~18 5,500,000
(E)13~22 5,500,000
Banquet 600 (F)9~22 7,000,000
Overtime:charged by the hour 700,000
Convention Hall B 32.65*40 8.1 Theater 1,200 (A)9~12 3.000.000
(B)13~18 4.500.000
(C)19~22 3.000.000
Class room 600 (D)9~18 5,500,000
(E)13~22 5,500,000
Banquet 560 (F)9~22 7,000,000
Overtime:charged by the hour 700,000
Convention Hall