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How to get to Daegu How to get to EXCO

How to Get to Daegu

EXCO is located in Daegu, the transportation hub of Korea, and is easily accessible from other areas across the nation. EXCO is only 20 min away from the Daegu International Airport, Dongdaegu Station, and Bukdaegu Interchange.

Express Bus
Daegu offers excellent transportation links to the rest of Korea as well as internationally.
The city is located within an hour’s travel from Incheon International Airport by air,
and also connected by Korea’s excellent transportation network
which includes domestic airlines, highways, and railways.
Incheon Int'l Airport, Gimhae Int'l Airport → Dongdaegu Station
Departure Time Table Interval Traveling Time
Incheon Int'l Airport First Departure 06:20 20min 3h 40min
Last Departure 23:30
Gimhae Int'l Airport First Departure 07:10 40min 1h 20min
Last Departure 22:30

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Seoul, Dong Seoul, Busan, Gwangju Express Bus Terminal → Dongdaegu Station
Departure Departure Time Interval Traveling Time
Seoul Express Bus Terminal First Departure 06:00 20min 3h 30min
Last Departure 01:30
DongSeoul Express First Departure 06:00 40min 1h 20min
Last Departure 23:10
Busan Express Bus Terminal First Departure 06:25 30~60min 1h 10min
Last Departure 22:30
Gwangju Express Bus Terminal First Departure 06:00 40~50min 3h 30min
Last Departure 22:40
  • The above information is subject to change.
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